Add value to your home insurance


Add value to your home insurance.

Consumers in the UK spend around £165 every year on their home insurance, and less than 3% make a claim.

And while home insurance is a tried-and-tested life-saver when it comes to the types of claims that have been around for decades – water leaks, breaking or losing things, burglary, fire and things like that – it’s not so good at being there for you if you’re hit by a very 2020’s kind of crime – cybercrime.

Ask your home insurance provider whether they will respond if you or your family are hacked or if a device is bricked by a virus, and you’ll find that virtually all of them will say “no”.

How can it be that in 2024 your home insurer isn’t going to be there for one of the most damaging, rapidly-evolving crimes to affect your home and family there is?

Take control

Rather than raging at them for not catching-up, take matters into your own hands and try one of our cyberSOS cyber emergency plans for just £1.79/month for the whole household.

For such a small monthly amount, we will be there for you and your family 24/7 if you become the victim of a cyber attack, hack or a device goes down with a virus.

In addition we can also provide Cyber Legal Expenses and a Cyber Counselling Service to help you and your family through the legal and emotional upheaval that often comes with a cybercrime.

Simply click below to find out more:

Access to our 24/7 cyber emergency helpline
Plan includes:
cyberSOS:respond plus
Enhanced access to our 24/7 cyber emergency helpline as well as other cyber-related services
Plan includes:
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